DCEVE 2024


Aimé Leon Dore introduces 'ART', a quarterly showcase that celebrates the depth of artistic expression, highlighting emerging and established creators across a range of styles and perspectives.

DCEVE is a graffiti artist from the Queens, NY based SMART CREW. Known for his conceptual approach and iconic yellow stickers, he pioneered prioritizing a crew/collective over the individual in the heavily ego driven world of NY graffiti.

To “DCEVE” - Deception is deeply embedded in graffiti from the creation of an alter-ego (nom de plume) to using all kinds of deceptive tactics to get over. It’s one of the main contributing factors to the mystery and allure of the subculture.

“Over the years, I’ve painted tons of intricate public murals all over the world but I still find that true expression can be distilled down to a simple illegal tag or throw up. As long as it's rejected by the majority of society, it will always preserve its purity as a form of outsider art.” - DCEVE


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