Thank You, Mott

When we first signed the lease on Mott in December 2015, Aimé Leon Dore was in its infancy, still an idea more than a brand. We walked into a fucked up, barebones space on the edge of Nolita and challenged ourselves. Three years later - and still on the original month-to-month lease - we feel tremendous pride in what the space has become and what it has represented for ALD as a whole. Mott was never meant to be permanent; it has evolved together with the brand and helped bring many of its ideas and visions to life.

Next month, Aimé Leon Dore will be opening its first flagship at a new location, a space that will give more meaning to what ALD already represents. As a homage to Mott, we've released a limited graphic tee depicting the storefront as we will forever remember it. Thank you for three years of beautiful memories.

Thank You, Mott
Daija Wilson for Aimé Leon Dore
Sonny New York
Aimé Leon Dore / Timberland FW18
Aimé Leon Dore / Woolrich FW18 Concept Shop
Café Leon Dore
Aimé Leon Dore / Suicoke FW18
179 Mott V5
Fall / Winter 2018 Lookbook
Fall / Winter 2018 Campaign
Summer 2018 Capsule
Juliana & Stephanie for Aimé Leon Dore
Sonny New York Spring 3x3
Sonny New York Spring 3x3
179 Mott Volume 4
Spring / Summer 2018 Concept Shop
Spring / Summer 2018 Lookbook
Spring / Summer 2018 Campaign
Fall / Winter 2018 Preview
Aimé Leon Dore / Woolrich
Sonny New York Winter 2017 3x3
Juliana & Coco for Aimé Leon Dore
Aimé Leon Dore / New Era FW17
Aimé Leon Dore / New Era
Sonny New York Fall 3x3 - Fall 2017
179 Mott Volume 3
Fall / Winter 2017 Concept Shop
Fall / Winter 2017 Lookbook
Spring / Summer 2018 Preview
Sonny New York 3x3 - Spring 2017